Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice

Food for the Southern Soul keeps the southern rice tradition alive with Charleston Gold Aromatic Rice. Planted and harvested in the South Carolina Lowcountry, this rice is characterized by its golden hull and nutty flavor.


Haypenney Confections Bourbon Parline Marshmallows

Didn’t think the marshmallow could be improved? Haypenny Confections adds bourbon and pralines to this campfire staple. Whipped fresh by hand in small batches, these ‘mallows are light, airy and full of flavor. Enjoy as a snack, add to a warm drink or make the perfect S’more.


Botany Bay Sea Salt

Botany Bay Sea Salt is produced using South Carolina’s oldest colonial method: solar evaporation. Enjoy light, flaky sea salt which retains the flavor and trace minerals found naturally in seawater. Use as a finishing salt or boil your favorite seafood by dissolving 1 ounce sea salt per quart water.

Charleston Sweetgrass Bar Soap

Lather up with this luxurious Charleston soap recipe by the Charleston Soap Chef. Deliciously fresh and green, this soap is inspired by sea breezes and the delightful scent of traditional handmade sweetgrass baskets. Made with coconut oil and honey to moisturize and soften skin.


Sea is for Caramel Chocolate Bar

Sweeteeth Chocolate creates artisan chocolates using traditional, handcrafted techniques. Sea is for Caramel is the belle of the ball for sure. The 65% dark chocolate shell holds a smooth, rich caramel, finished off with a little sea salt for the perfect sweet and salty indulgence.


Born Again Heartwoods Spatula

Born Again Heartwoods gives life to cypress and heart pine sinker logs once lost to the untamed bottomland swamps and rivers of the South Carolina lowcountry. This one of a kind hand crafted wooden spatula is a genuine talking piece for your kitchen.